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What are your shipping options?

Our finer details on shipping, locations and timing.

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What is your return policy?

We want to make sure you are happy with your FRANC order. Our return process is easy you simply need to submit a request.

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Which size is right for me?

Sizing is not standard (but it should be), which is why we approach sizing a bit differently. We see size as a mix of fit *and* sizing, between that and our size charts we try to and make you feel as confident as possible about picking the right size

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Can you share more details about fabric and production?

Finer details on products and our fabric

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Do you have a loyalty program?

Join our community and earn points, plus you get to help your friends to enjoy a more conscious wardrobe in the process.

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How do pre-orders work?

Pre-ordering is the most sustainable way to shop; it ensures we do not overproduce. Plan ahead, lock in your size, and receive a discount for shopping sustainably; your order will ship as soon as it is in stock.

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Questions about Franc you can't seem to find on our site.

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